Your partner for creating smart returnable transport items

By selecting the right combination of IoT hardware, connectivity and applications, we make RTI-management more efficient and effective. RTiOT is the independent partner for creating connected transport items.


Our added value

How can RTiOT assist with your returnable transport IoT implementation?


We can help you with general questions like determining the feasibility of an IoT implementation and mapping the requirements and wishes. Furthermore we can help setting up and govern a Proof of Concept or creating a business case calculation.

Network selection

Based on factors like needed coverage (indoor/ outdoor or country/ Europe/ world), message interval, accuracy of the positioning and the impact of all these choices on the monthly costs, we will determine the best IoT network.

Hardware selection

Will an off-the-shelf device or a customized device fit your needs the best? We will help you selecting the right device and getting the settings aligned. We can also deliver customized prototypes with the help of specialized partners.

Software selection

With the help of our broad IoT knowledge base, we are able to help you think about a good system architecture. For the success of the implementation it is important that your systems can handle large amounts of data.

Proof of Concept

Do you want to experience if IoT technology meets your expectations and if this is applicable to your pool of transport items, without the need to start long and costly projects? A low-entry Proof of Concept can help finding the answer to this question.


We can manage IoT devices to support your processes. For example this could include services like agreements concerning a phased roll-out, managing the subscriptions and the changing of settings.

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Just for a cup of coffee or to discuss what IoT solution fits your returnable transport item puzzle best.

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